Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Town Council Agenda for April 30th 6:00 PM

The agenda for the Town Council for Wednesday's meeting at 6:00 PM can be found here

--- Note that the starting time is 6:00 PM not the normal 7:00 PM

Items for interest on this agenda:

  1. there is an open space on the amount for the override
  2. there is an open date on the approval for holding an override
What number would you put in for the override amount?
I would go for a minimum of $3.3 million (to cover the school shortfall).
I would consider additional amounts for the Fire, Police, DPW and Library but probably not to exceed $5 million.

I would also endorse a 3 or 5 year plan similar to Arlington. We need to put the plan together to provide for the future without coming back late to the plate asking for more.

The best summary of the Town problem was made by Shannon Zollo at the 4/16/08 meeting.
Listen to this if you have not already.

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