Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live from the School Committee meeting - facility consolidation

Jeff Nutting opening comments
proposal made last year but put on hold last year due to override and other items
reiterates the proposal points made previously

bigger the pool, the more flexibility
trades re-assigned to Mike D'Angelo

focus on school and education not the facilities
coordination of safety training

can't say we will save any money
in long run will be looking to add folks to the facilities department
should move forward, trial basis for three years
all involved in Memo of Understanding

work well together on a wide variety of issues

Jeff Roy

principals need to maintain control and autonomy over their buildings
referenced an appellate case in MA that the School Committee does not have right in this area, the state has defined that to be for the principals
13 page memo

Jeff Nutting
original draft was 4 page memo
not a lawyer, not interested in really changing things
is interested in making this work

Jeff Nutting
principle are the same intent
need to wordsmith to ensure that the principals will maintain control
he agrees to disagree with some of Jeff Roy's points


Rich GilDeRubio
makes his statement as President of the custodial union

Jeff Nutting
building custodians would be under Mike D'Angelo
the ground positions would be transferred to the DPW


Don Gilboy
raised question on agreement that Jeff Nutting had signed several years ago


would remove facilities from the school budget to the tune of approx $5.5M

Mike D'Angelo
does not see any real benefit for the school or the town to make this change
about 5 towns have done this, Danvers on the north shore
not an impressive organization, top heavy with supervisors
and outsourced to a contractor who actually did the cleaning
does all the facilities work for the town
without an agreement yet the schools pay his salary
if you need an agreement that is 13 pages long to get something done

Jeff Nutting
see an opportunity for Mike to spend some time on the educational side
good timing with other than the library and the museum, nothing much will be done

Roberta Trahan
does not see the benefit but is looking for one

Sue Rohrbach
if there is a loss of responsibility, there is a loss of control

Mike D'Angelo
the three trades do their work well, it is not their fault that there have been problems with things not getting done, until we complained things did not get done
there were two people eliminated in the move

Jeff Roy
the agreement I drafted ensure that it will stay the same
the goals are the same, how are we going to get there?
there are concerns, if you and Wayne can come to terms on the agreement
we're on the same page but we are about 9 pages apart

Deb Bartlett
not speaking for all the town council but this is how she came to this
revenue side - takes revenues from various resources, only $1.8M net new revenue
both budgets get an increase but not an enough to provide what both sides should
technology departments combined for savings and efficiencies
combine like departments and regionalize with other local towns to force the state to reconsider
yes it is change, and some won't like it but it is necessary

Mike D'Angelo
school department had already been bidding utility costs ahead of the town
schools are such a large portion of the town purchase they can work with vendors to get good pricing

Wayne Ogden
what ever you and the town council decide I will work with Jeff and make it happen
I am opposed and just in the last several days I have managed to figure it out
"I feel I'm going to loose something"
both opponents and proponents are talking about data
no one is talking about the data as to why this makes sense
take the town's best data people and do a financial analysis on what makes sense
library, food services, there are opportunities
lets see what the data says, so we can take the feelings out of the argument and go with the data

feelings and turf are so embedded in this, we need a clear set of guidelines

Jeff Roy
it is my hope that you work together to draft an agreement

Ed Cafasso
if the law gives the principals that much authority, if you can come to an agreement on language that satisfies that responsibility, then we should do so

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