Wednesday, June 11, 2008

About time....

Milford Daily News
Posted Jun 11, 2008 @ 10:20 AM

You must now register to comment on our stories.

Readers have been able to comment on stories on our site since October of last year. That feature has sparked some lively debate and allowed greater interaction with our readers – and they with each other – that we welcomed. The feature has also generated some irrational and ugly nastiness. We let the conversations flow pretty freely for the most part – we allowed folks to post anonymously, we moderated with a light hand and left shutting off comments completely as a last resort.

As time has gone on, however, the need to more closely manage comments and commenters has grown. The new registration requirement is simple for users, but will give us more ability to manage comments and keep the conversation civil.

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Note: this applies to both the Franklin Gazette and Milford Daily News.

I took this step some time ago and have not regretted it. My email (shersteve at gmail dot com) is available for anyone who wants to have a civil conversation and does not have either a Blogger or OpenID.

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