Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Live reporting - School Committee

A somber mood in the Council chambers as the meeting continues with the knowledge of the vote results.


Discussion Only Items

· Capitol Needs Update – Mike D’Angelo

discussing the capital requirements for the school facilities
don't put huge amounts of money into the high school
even the generator, if we do something different with the building, the generator will still have useful life
carpeting pricing rising dramatically, primary raw material is oil and we know what is happening in the market with that
there is no funded capital budget either at the town or school level

paraphrasing Mike:
these projects are realistic but not funded
the school items at least can be bonded under state rules and regulations
the portables have 6-7 years life left in them, we own the large and 16 others are leased.
rubber roof guaranteed for 10 years, things will start going on them
we will need space in 6-7 years, the enrollment is not going down
the issue will be similar to a high school, this will be equivalent to a whole school to be replaced.

"you could spend money on the high school, but you don;t know how long the improvement will stay in place (given the decision on the replacement/rebuild pending)."
"the problem with the high school is that we don't have a real plan."

It will be very hard to renovate FHS with students in it.
Horace Mann as well as it was prepared before hand, it was amazing what we found once we opened up the walls. The same thing will happen with the high school.

· Memorandum of Understanding

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