Sunday, June 8, 2008

"we have a better chance of getting state aid if we scale it back"

By Rachel Lebeaux Globe Correspondent / June 8, 2008

The new high school in Franklin will not be a Taj Mahal project, if town officials can help it.

Mindful of the examples set by Newton and Wellesley, both criticized by a top state official for approving expensive high school projects, officials in Franklin are working with the state to find a less costly plan for updating the town's 37-year-old high school.

Days before a vote Tuesday on a proposed $2.8 million override of Proposition 2 1/2, meant to raise property taxes enough to prevent the loss of more than 40 teaching positions, officials also said they do not believe that taxpayers would foot the bill for a $100 million renovation of the high school or a new facility costing $130 million.

Those two options were put on the table by an architect earlier this year.

Read the full story in the Boston Sunday Globe here

The architect's presentation to the School Committee made in February can be found here

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