Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Science Safety Initiative Presentation

Maureen Sabolinski introducing the science safety presentation. This comes out of the salmonella incident that occurred almost 2 years ago. They have done the study and work to make this happen.

Currently focused on science but will expand to other study areas, like art (due to the ipigment materials) over time.

Laboratory Safety Institute provided training (based in Natick).

Looked for "best practices" to ensure safe learning in the classroom environment. Can't learn if students or teachers are at risk. Need to avoid liability.

Web based document, with hotlinks, can be expanded as necessary to get to the details required. Includes links out to the relevant government regulations and guidelines.

Has an elementary section to cover the aspect of the elementary school curriculum as well.

Document organized by curriculum area as well as by the safety procedures.
The live version will be on the web. Each classroom will have a printed copy for reference.

Butterfly certification from gov't for 3 years to obtain, grow and release according to current procedures.

Obtained two mentors from MA-DEP to help provide advice on operations.

Partnership with US-EPA to obtain a free survey on science and laboratory operations.

Issue with fire blankets, regulations and safety advice have changed. No longer stop, drop, roll and cover with a blanket. With the newer material, the blanket may worsen the fire condition and help to adhere the material to the body. So the procedures have been changed.

"We're trying to leverage what we have for what we don't have."

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