Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live reporting - modular status

Modulars were put into place in 1998 and are coming up on 10 years service, some of them have been used all through the year.

The high school modulars get more of an impact than those in the elementary schools

Leakage in the roofs has required replacement of full walls. A bug infestation was found and corrected. Some doors can't be opened in the winter at Parmenter (due to the temperature change).

If we removed the modulars, where would the students go?
With the reduction in staff last year, the rooms were used by art and special subjects where they were roving within the buildings before.

The high school has room to move what they have housed currently within the full building. Davis Thayer could take down the modulars and utilize two classrooms within the building.
Parmenter would have an issue if they were to loose their modulars. An OT/PT room is currently housed there. Even if the function were moved to another school, the population at Parmenter needs those services.

Replacing the roof is not an economic choice, the roof would outlast the modular.
Looking for direction from the committe before going further with the building committee.

Cafasso - there was a lot of shock and awe amongst the professionals at the FHS tour tonight. The subcommittee's report helps to fill in the needs of the district.

Armenio - This speaks to the current school population and staffing levels, with any increases,there will be additional problems in the next couple of years. It would be worthwhile to take them down. Some of the modulars are the largest classrooms in the building.

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