Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live reporting - discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items
  • Budget to Actual - no questions
  • Discussion of Superintendent Candidacy
Roy - I will wholeheartedly endorse your candidacy. I am glad we can say that we helped to grow from within the district. Why take taxpayer dollars and go out with a nationwide search and possibly end up with as fine a candidate that we have.

Armenio - You have been here many years and over your multiple roles have grown with the district. Why not earlier? Wayne has been your mentor and groomed you for this. The times have changed. This is not the district that it was a few years ago.

Cafasso - While there has been scholastic progress, there are other problems to be faced, re-districting amongst them. Need to have someone who understands the community and the staff to help us tackle these challenges.

Mullen - I also endorse Maureen for this role. Her sense of Franklin and how much she enjoyed having her kids go through the system. Her work ethic is tremendous.

Rohrbach - not to be repetitive but I will endorse your candidacy. You have a broad knowledge of the district, the students, the community. We may not be able to get "good to great" right now but there are pockets where we can still make progress.

Trahan - Being the last in the line, not a whole lot more to add.

Motion - to enter into negotiations with Maureen Sabolinski to be the next Superintedent of the Franklin Public School District

Aproved 6 - 0

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