Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live reporting - Horace Mann binder program

Dr Anne Bergen, Horace Mann Principal; Chandler Creedon, Guidence Counselor; Jess (student)

The binder program is being piloted. It developed from an observed problem with time management, task management, approached targeting the special ed students first, then determined that this could go across all the students, presented to the PCC to gain their input. Color coded for similar subject matter across the grades. Consistency strived for. They trained a core group of students over the summer in the use to help share the training with the other students as they came in September.

Jess - a place for everything, easy to find for each class, comes with a homework pad, do the homework and then put it into the folder. Con - breaks really easily. Rings would brake open. Top and bottom would wear. Some of the folders would tear (need reinforcements for the holes). Focus group held to get feedback on the overall concept and actual experience. Durability needs to be worked on.

Dr Anne Bergen - a team of 8th graders putting together a binder workgroup

Chandler Creedon - the team will use duct tape in colors to match the folders to reinforce the edges and then hole punch to make the folders more sturdy

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