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In the news - field lights campaign, Police union contract

GateHouse News Service
Posted Oct 31, 2008 @ 04:21 PM


To help raise money for field lights for youth football, Franklin Chargers Football Organization has announced NorthEast-Eagle Electrical Distributors, in conjunction with WEEI, has begun "New Friday Night Lights 2008 Sweepstakes.''

Cities and towns all over New England have the chance to enter into the sweepstakes with hopes to win a brand new installed sports lighting system for their youth football league field.

For over 5 years, Franklin's Recreation Department and the Franklin Chargers Football Organization have used the Remington Jefferson School fields to house their football programs. The facility is used six days a week by more than 400 football players. The facility does not currently have lights, so the use of portable lights has been very costly for both organizations. Between rental, gas to run the lights and set up break down, it is estimated that this expense around $3,000 per month.

You can help the kids of Franklin obtain lights for their football teams, by voting today.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here


After sometimes "frustrating" negotiations, the town and its police union signed a three-year contract this week, said Town Administrator Jeffrey D. Nutting and Police Association President John Maloney.

"Overall, once we worked certain issues out - we definitely weren't happy with the process or sequence of events - but at the end, it's a pretty fair contract," said Maloney.

Nutting also called the contract (currently in memorandum of understanding form only) "fair" and in line with agreements other unions have with the town.

"I think it was a fair deal for everybody involved," said Nutting, adding that part of his aim was to ensure equality among public employees.

The deal is retroactive to June 2007, when the last one expired.

The new contract, which expires in June 2010, gives officers a 2 percent raise retroactive to October 2007, a 2.5 percent raise as of October 2008 and a 3 percent raise in October 2009, Nutting said.

Read the full article in the Franklin Gazette here

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