Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live reporting - field house advertising approved

  • Advertising in the Field House
Brad Sidwell, Athletic Director

The 3 x 5 in the committee meeting is smaller than the 4 x 6 that would be used.
Hung from the ceiling in the field house

Approx 40,000 as a rough estimate would view the banners amongst the visitors for basketball, volleyball, indoor track and the multiple other events that are held there.

Discussion on inclusion the phone number on the banner, would you loose opportunity if you exclude it?

Banner approval including the School Committee chair, to view how it works during the early days, should have a good view on it before it goes up, likely not necessarily to be done long term

Want to be flexible with minimum three months with the year a preferred period. Rates adjust downward to cover the three months.

We can reach out to the Downtown Partnership, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

During the subcommittee meetings, we discussed that we would use the revenue to offset the costs of athletics. Should we consider putting this into a general revenue account or just for sports?

Policy KCD does not apply here as this is selling a service. The use of the revenues to supplant the budget could come under KCD if the advertiser would like to designate how the funds were to be used. By having the school committee dictate the fund allocation, we avoid the issue of the conflict with policy KCD.

The 6 month pilot would expire in early April just about budget time. The pilot would provide input to the policy and budget committee for how we would do the future.

Motion to accept recommendation of subcommittee, removing the phone number prohibition, and restricting a single advertiser to 2 banners.

Approved 6 - 0

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