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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Concerned about deceptive ads and sales of autos? Last call for comments

Consumer Alerts from the Federal Trade Commission

By Karen Hobbs

The FTC is working to address deceptive advertising and unlawful add-on sales in the auto industry by considering changes to the law that would give the agency better tools to protect consumers and honest dealerships. 

Want to help? Don't wait! 

Submit a comment on the rulemaking and make your voice heard.

Concerned about deceptive ads and sales of autos? Last call for comments
Concerned about deceptive ads and sales of autos? Last call for comments

Friday, June 10, 2022

Nonprofit going after the online advertising revenue to stop disinformation online sets new target

An internet search result is provided free because the provider gets ad revenue from other sources. By following the money in the online advertising world, this nonprofit aims to take the advertising dollars out of the disinformation revenue streams.  

"A nonprofit aiming to defund disinformation online that has taken money out of the pockets of several prominent far-right websites now has its sights set on its most formidable target yet: Fox News. 
The group, Check My Ads, is hoping the success it has had in stripping advertising dollars from right-wing provocateurs including Steve Bannon, Glenn Beck and Dan Bongino will give it momentum as it attempts to confront a powerful media empire. 
On Thursday, the outfit announced a new campaign directed at Fox's website and its popular YouTube channel calling on the public to pressure online ad exchanges to stop doing business with Fox. It comes just as the House committee investigating the Capitol riots kicks off a series of hearings focused on violence that unfolded on Jan 6."

Check my Ads new campaign ->

The video explanation on how they do this ->

Claire Atkin (left) and Nandini Jammi founded the nonprofit group Check My Ads, which aims to defund disinformation online. Now, they have launched a campaigned aimed at Fox News' online empire. Jon McMorran
Claire Atkin (left) and Nandini Jammi founded the nonprofit group Check My Ads, which aims to defund disinformation online. Now, they have launched a campaigned aimed at Fox News' online empire. Jon McMorran

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

In the News: "Gov Baker touts tax-free weekend, $2M local biz ad campaign"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"Gov. Charlie Baker visited a bicycle shop in Belmont on Tuesday, admitting after a tour that he and his wife, Lauren, have “kicked the idea around for awhile” of buying themselves bikes.

Baker insisted, “No, I wasn’t shopping,” but suggested he might take his own advice this weekend and go out to get himself two new wheels during the the state’s annual sales tax holiday weekend.

“I think it would be great if everybody who’s looking to buy pretty much anything that they’ve been putting off or that they might do at some point down the road to find a way to go out and make that happen,” Baker said Tuesday, after touring the award-winning WheelWorks bike shop, co-owned by Clint Paige.

The official reason for Baker’s visit was to draw attention to the upcoming tax-free weekend and announce a $2 million ad campaign that will run through the end of the year, encouraging residents to shop, dine out and travel at local stores and destinations."
Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required) 

The "My Local MA" web page

Gov Baker's press conf video


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

"Our mission is to connect, protect and celebrate our local communities”

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"New Media Investment Group and Gannett finalized their merger Tuesday, putting top executives in position to move ahead with plans they believe will transform the new company’s local and national news brands, including USA TODAY, into a reinvented digital media powerhouse. 
The merger creates the largest U.S. media company by print circulation and one that will vie for the nation’s biggest online news and information audience. 
The new company’s CEOs – Mike Reed, who will lead the overall public entity under the name Gannett Co., and Paul Bascobert, who will lead an operating company called Gannett Media Corp. – told USA TODAY in a joint interview that they have a compelling opportunity to reinvent the business and expand digital revenue. Both said the company will continue to focus on its journalistic mission. 
“Our mission is to connect, protect and celebrate our local communities,” Bascobert said. “Great journalism really is the core of that mission. The question really becomes, what’s the sustainable and exciting business model that powers that mission?”

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Franklin Total Voters - registered as of Oct 18, 2017

The registered voter totals as of October 18, 2017. These are the voters eligible to vote in the November 7, 2017 election; 22,701

Franklin Voters as of 10/18/2017 22,701
Precinct Active Inactive  Total
1 2414 178 2592
2 2638 230 2868
3 2493 309 2802
4 2823 229 3052
5 2745 168 2913
6 2337 296 2633
7 2820 135 2955
8 2775 111 2886
21045 1656 22701

Recent history has shown a voter turnout in and around 20% (since 2003) for the Franklin Biennial Elections. Franklin voters will tend to turn out about 40% for an override or school debt exclusion. About 60% for a MA state election and about 80% for a Presidential election. Money from advertising the large campaigns drives the voter turnout.

the percent by precinct for the local elections since 2003
the percent by precinct for the local elections since 2003

Voter totals as of October 18, 2017 provided by the Town Clerk, 
Historical numbers compiled from the Franklin Annual Reports

Friday, August 25, 2017

"The point was really kind of just to contribute to a cause and hopefully make an impact"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin, in this case ICYMI:

"There’s a new billboard in town - and a local student is its designer. 
The work by Franklin native and college student Kyle Pandiscio can be seen on highways and interstates across the nation, spreading the message not to text and drive. 
Pandiscio is a marketing student at UMass Amherst Isenberg School of Management who entered a nationwide billboard design competition sponsored by Project Yellow Light foundation. Out of 1,100 submissions nationwide, Pandiscio and his partner Julia Keefe, of Westfield, took the top prize. 
Project Yellow Light was founded by Julie and Lowell Garner who lost their 16-year-old son, Hunter, in a car crash in 2007. The organization hosts video, billboard, and radio competitions for high school and college students. Winners receive scholarships and they’ll get to see their content aired or posted around the country."
Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

Student Team Wins National Advertising Competition
Student Team Wins National Advertising Competition (UMass immge)

Friday, August 18, 2017

"it’s no surprise to see exceptional results like these”

FHS Class of 2015 graduate Kyle Pandiscio is making waves!

"In a field of 1150 teams, Isenberg undergraduate Kyle Pandiscio ’19 (Marketing) and Julia Keefe ’17 (BDIC) won first-place honors in the billboard display category in Project Yellow Light, a national advertising competition that promotes safe driving practices. The competition’s high-profile sponsors include AdCouncil, Clear Channel, I Heart Radio, Mazda, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U-Haul, and the National Organizations for Youth Safety. Unveiled on a Times Square billboard on June 7, the winning design by the UMass Amherst duo currently graces more than 1,000 Clear Channel digital billboards across the nation. 
Kyle and Julia’s concept, captured in the photo, marshals “auto-correct”-inspired messaging to convey a dire consequence of driving while texting. With no-nonsense clarity, the billboard’s message reminds drivers to self-correct (i.e., eliminate) the potentially fatal habit of texting while driving—auto-correction for auto drivers, if you will."
Continue reading about Kyle

Student Team Wins National Advertising Competition
Student Team Wins National Advertising Competition (UMass immge)

Thanks to the helpful reader for tipping this our way!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

If you subscribe to the Boston Globe, you can help

If you are a Boston Globe subscriber, please read on. If you are not, you can skip to the next article.

If you are a Boston Globe subscriber, you may have received this letter in the mail recently. If you did not send it to the circular file or recycle bin, you can act and help the Franklin Food Pantry.

The Globe is allowing subscribers like you and I to cast votes for non-profit organizations. Those non-profits with the most votes will benefit from the largest ad. The Franklin Food Pantry would like to take advantage of this 'free' ad in the Boston Globe.

The ad would help is tell the Franklin Food Pantry story to a larger audience.

This is where you can help.

Find the letter, fill out the card specifying the Franklin Food Pantry as the 501(c)(3), put it in the envelope provided by the Globe, and mail it.

The Franklin Food Pantry thanks you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Franklin, MA: high school field advertising

One source of additional revenue for school athletics that has been approved is advertising in the high school field house. The program was successfully piloted and expanded to include similar banners for the outside athletic field. These banners are posted along the fence on the "home" side of the stands.

Go Franklin!

Franklin, MA

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"It's a fantastic opportunity for us"

"It's been a great success, especially since the Field House program (took off) just as the economy began to sink," Cafasso said. "The business community's support for high school athletics is really inspiring. We really appreciate it."
The School Committee came up with a list of guidelines that prohibits alcohol and drug content, the use of vulgar or sexually explicit language and anything harassing or prejudicial.
Gym and field ads cost the vendor $480 for a one-year commitment, which goes directly into the athletics account, Sidwell said.
"This is just one of the innovative ways the School Committee has tried to avoid draconian cuts in important non-academic programs," Cafasso said. "This doesn't cost the taxpayers a dime, but it's priceless to athletics at Franklin High."

Franklin to expand advertising to outdoor ball field

from The Milford Daily News News RSS 

Franklin, MA

Monday, November 3, 2008

FM #19 - 4 things to know

FM #19 podcast provides the 4 things you should know about Franklin, MA this week.

Time: 8 minutes, 18 seconds

MP3 File

Session Notes:

This podcast for Franklin Matters will focus on the 4 things you should know about what happened this week.

In the prior two sessions, we spent time listening to Assistant Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski as she was interviewed by the School Committee during their meeting Tuesday Oct 14th. In podcast 17 Maureen told her life story. How she started teaching in NY City, moved to the Buffalo NY area, to Rockaway, NJ and then to Franklin. She reviews her resume detailing how she has prepared to cover all aspects of the superintendent’s role in her own development.

In podcast 18, we’ll listened to the School Committee as they asked Maureen follow-up questions and get into a discussion to clarify her goals, objectives, and vision for Franklin’s school. If you have not listened to these yet, I strongly encourage you to go back and do so at some point in time. All the podcasts can be found within the Important links section on the right hand column.

The first thing you should know about from this week’s events was that the school committee did vote unanimously 6-0 (Matt Kelley was absent) to enter into contract negotiations with Maureen. We should hear in a future meeting about the contract terms and transition with Wayne as he is scheduled to step aside on June 30th 2009.

The second thing you should know about this week is that the pilot to sell advertising banners in the field house was proposed and accepted. During the pilot period, the banner content will need to be reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools, High School Principal and the chair of the School Committee. The cost for the banner would be $480 year and available for a minimum period of three months (at a prorated cost).

The third thing you should know about this week is that if you area parent of school age children there is a survey on the Franklin Schools homepage looking for your input on how to create the calendar for the school year; for example, should the school year begin before Labor Day or after? Your input is welcomed until November 24th. The link to the survey will be available on Franklin Matters here. Jeff Roy has also created a posting at the School Committee blog with a link to the survey. Let your voice be heard.

The fourth thing you should know this week, on the contract front, the Police Department settled their contract with the Town. They had been working under an expired contract since June 2007. This one will cover through June 2010.

The new contract, which expires in June 2010, gives officers a 2 percent raise retroactive to October 2007, a 2.5 percent raise as of October 2008 and a 3 percent raise in October 2009, Nutting said.

Sergeants' pay will increase to 17 percent above the top patrol officer salary step in the first year of the contract, to 18 percent in the second year, and to 19 percent above in the third year.

This was reported in the Milford Daily News and Franklin Gazette this week.

---- ---- ----

This podcast has been a public service provided to my fellow Franklin citizens and voters by Steve Sherlock

For additional information, please visit

If you have questions or comments you can reach me directly at shersteve @ gmail dot com

The musical intro and closing is from the Podsafe Music Network
Jon Schmidt - Powerful Exhilarating Piano Music

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"cost for displaying one banner was set at $480 per year"

Posted Oct 29, 2008 @ 11:52 PM


Franklin High School has begun a six-month pilot program allowing advertising on 4- by 6-foot banners in its field house.

"Despite a tight economy, you do have a captive audience," and the district should benefit from it, said School Committee member Ed Cafasso, a member of the advertising subcommittee.

The money made during the pilot program will go to Franklin High's revolving athletic account, but the School Committee may direct the money elsewhere if and when the program continues.

"We've been talking about this for quite some time," said Franklin High School Athletic Director Brad Sidwell.

"Hopefully, we'll get it done in the next month, during the busy winter season," Sidwell said.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here.

This was part of the live reporting here on Tuesday night during the school committee meeting.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sample field house advertising banner size


sample banner size for advertising in the Franklin High School field house

this banner is 3' x 5', the proposed size would be 4' x 6'

Mobile post sent by shersteve using Utterli. reply-count Replies.

Live reporting - field house advertising approved

  • Advertising in the Field House
Brad Sidwell, Athletic Director

The 3 x 5 in the committee meeting is smaller than the 4 x 6 that would be used.
Hung from the ceiling in the field house

Approx 40,000 as a rough estimate would view the banners amongst the visitors for basketball, volleyball, indoor track and the multiple other events that are held there.

Discussion on inclusion the phone number on the banner, would you loose opportunity if you exclude it?

Banner approval including the School Committee chair, to view how it works during the early days, should have a good view on it before it goes up, likely not necessarily to be done long term

Want to be flexible with minimum three months with the year a preferred period. Rates adjust downward to cover the three months.

We can reach out to the Downtown Partnership, the Chamber of Commerce, etc.

During the subcommittee meetings, we discussed that we would use the revenue to offset the costs of athletics. Should we consider putting this into a general revenue account or just for sports?

Policy KCD does not apply here as this is selling a service. The use of the revenues to supplant the budget could come under KCD if the advertiser would like to designate how the funds were to be used. By having the school committee dictate the fund allocation, we avoid the issue of the conflict with policy KCD.

The 6 month pilot would expire in early April just about budget time. The pilot would provide input to the policy and budget committee for how we would do the future.

Motion to accept recommendation of subcommittee, removing the phone number prohibition, and restricting a single advertiser to 2 banners.

Approved 6 - 0

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Q & A 8 - Ogden, Whalen also respond (audio)

From the Franklin Override Information Forum coordinated by the Joint Parent Communication Councils and held on Wednesday, 5/28/08.

A - Ogden, we are looking for other sources. The parent groups provide funding each year. The Franklin Education Foundation contributes approx. $20,000 per year. Working with a lawyer to set up an endowment. Looking at advertising revenue.

A - Whalen, he is a financial analyst by trade, it is impossible to continue to delivery high quality services at the low tax rate. Goal would be more near the median and not near the bottom.

Time: 3 minutes, 22 seconds

MP3 File