Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Live reporting - FY 2010 Budget

Approach to provide the same level of services as this year.
$3.8 million or 6.9% increase would be required

What the state budget does will drive what our numbers come out as

Budget will be posted to the School's website tomorrow for a more detail review

a "level service" budget
the individual schools got the same allocation as last year. The individual schools may have chosen to distribute within differently.

Dollars allocated on a per pupil basis, will account for the major differences in the overviews for each line item

Teacher reimbursements to individual teachers and hence to the schools were centralized.

Increases for health benefits are projected to be about 10-15%

Armenio - This budget year will not be pleasant, not that any of the recent ones were too pleasant. This assumes School Choice would be continued at the same level as this year?

Ogden - Yes

Armenio - So if the reductions are such that people choose to bring the students back to their home district, that would be revenue we would loose.

Cafasso - On the transportation, can you give us a little more what is behind that?

Goodman - We are expecting an increase, there is an offset for the pay-to-ride, but there is also an increase in special ed out of district transportation.

Slight - What is included in the cost per pupil?

Ogden - the material and expenses associated with each level of the schools

Ogden - Chapter 70 formula possibly to be re-done for the FY 2011 year.

Rohrbach - some relief in spec ed transportation cost would be appropriate

Ogden - Rep Deleo did not think that was possible this year

Roy - Per Nutting, he is expecting Franklin to be short approx 4.5 to $5 million for FY 2010.
We have to be cautious, none of the reductions already made will not be considered for being back next year. It is more likely to see further cuts.

Ogden - what we may get is more like a level funded budget

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