Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Live reporting - Life long learning

2. Guests/Presentations
Lifelong Learning Update
  • Pandora Carlucci
Mission statement:
The programs under the aegis of the Lifelong Learning Institute endeavor to contribute to the development of the Town of Franklin as a knowledge community.

Approx 5500 participants in all the offerings from Life Long Learning

Survey after every session, utilize the feedback for the next round of programs

Approx. 244 faculty and staff to run the program

$1.3 million revenue generated last year. All equipment become part of the Franklin School District inventory.

Private music lessons - trained and active performers as musicians

2300 students in the Summer program. Catalogs are at the Post Office ready for delivery.

Jeanne Hummel does the brochures and the website and does a marvelous job doing this.

Second summer of the High School Experience coming up. Added a Social Studies teacher to the course.

Nancy Schoen working with the music mentors has been taking the program to a new level.

"We are all teachers and learners."

Cafasso - You are doing a stellar job! I appreciate your hard work.

Kelly - I think it is very important to stress that this is self-funded.

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