Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Live reporting - Steering Committee for Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Update
  • Maureen Sabolinski
  • Strategic Planning Team Member(s)

The slides can be viewed here

The PR Statement as read by April Crehan:

The Franklin (MA) Public Schools’ Strategic Plan allows the district to respond to emerging trends, events, challenges, and opportunities within the framework of the district's core values, vision, and mission. The School Committee has started the process to review and update the Plan adopted by the district in 2004. In conjunction with the Superintendent, the School Committee has appointed a Strategic Plan Steering Committee to manage this process. The Steering Committee will solicit input from all interested parties in the community with regard to the core values, vision, and mission of the Franklin Public Schools.

Strategic planning in education is a complex process. The Steering Committee recognizes that there are many parties interested in the education of the children of Franklin. Because the core values, vision, and mission articulated in the Strategic Plan will guide decisions regarding our children’s education for the next five years, it is vital that the interests of the community are represented. Opportunities for periodic review and feedback to and from the community will be included in the development and implementation of this Strategic Plan.

The Steering Committee:

  • Judi Bassignani - Principal, Parmenter Elementary
  • Miriam Goodman -Director, Franklin Public Schools Finance
  • Colleen Ahern - Teacher, Sullivan Middle School
  • April Crehan - Student, Franklin High School
  • Renee Danho - Community, Dean College
  • Ted McIntire - Parent
  • Susan Rohrbach - School Committee
  • Steve Sherlock - Community
  • Peg Sweeney - Parent
  • Rosanne Walsh - Teacher, Remington Middle School

Administration Liaisons

  • Wayne Ogden - Current Superintendent of Schools
  • Maureen Sabolinski - Incoming Superintendent of Schools

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