Monday, March 16, 2009

Fix the 9th Grade Problem in PreK

Given the budget cuts being talked off, which will likely increase class size, I would draw attention to this quote:

"Among the promising school interventions that work— used best in combination—include preschool programs, smaller class size especially in the early years, use of cooperative strategies, personalized learning, extended time for learning, extracurricular activities targeted particularly for underachieving students, and, finally, providing high-quality teachers who understand the students, respect them, and believe that the students can learn."

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via ASCD Inservice by ASCD Bloggers on 3/15/09
The achievement gap is a deep-seated, long-standing, hard-to-solve issue that isn't going away unless we use a strategic approach to solve it, Vanderbilt University Professor Joseph Murphy told ASCDers in his session entitled "Leadership Lessons for Closing the Achievement Gap."...

Things you can do from here:

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