Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Live reporting - Administrator report

Nutting - with a little knock on wood, we'll be able to meet the winter snow and ice with what we allocated (initially $700K and an additionally $600K)

GATRA - meeting today on how to keep them alive, the ridership is only 149/per week. They need 250-300 per week to meet their needs.

Meeting Friday for elected and Town officials with McGovern's office. Not for the public but FYI for those folks here.

Old business - none
New business -

Question, probably should have been asked earlier - where are we with the state and the possible new revenues?

Nutting - It might be several months before those local tax options are decided at the State level. I'll be putting the budget together assuming we don't get those.

Pfeffer - When the Haywood family donated it, it was a bandstand. In those days, folks didn't do gazebos, they built bandstands.

Vallee - I just want to go on record that I will not support the fee increases. It goes against what is supposed to be done at this time of recession/depression.

Motion - to go into executive session. Passed 8-0

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