Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Live reporting - Audit report

Susan Gagner
Jim Dacey
Auditor (fill in name later)

no material entries made to start the audit

The audit report can be found here (PDF)

Auditor recommendation to set up a capital account, current capital is budgeted by using "free cash"

Auditor recommendation on formal system to support data for utility abatements and adjustments for DPW

Q - Bartlett, we had a problem with reconciling ambulance reports from last time
A - Gagner, we have reconciled the first 6 months of 2009, we added a report to perform this audit and that why the item is no longer part of the report.

Q - Bartlett, and last year with the School problem
A - Gagner, the separation between entries has been set up, they don't have access to make ledger entries

Q - Bartlett, so this report covers the School's as well
A - Auditor, yes, this is completely covered, no issues found

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