Monday, March 16, 2009

Treesavers Book Outlet

In our continuing series on businesses located in Franklin, I decided to implement a modification to "Management by walking around" by changing it to "Blogging by walking around". Friday afternoon, I had some errands to do so I decided to do them all on foot and found myself at Treesavers Book Outlet.

Kerry DiGiandomenico has been operating Treesavers Book Outlet for 14 years. He took it over from the previous owner when they ran into difficulty with RT 140 under construction and traffic to the store cut sharply.

With the Honey Dew in front of the plaza also closed for renovations, traffic has dropped, so Kerry is looking for other ways to draw in used book buyers.

Treesavers Book Outlet

LeeRoy U Bailey, Jr will be at Treesavers on Saturday May 2, to sign his book; A Different Perspective on How to Reach Heaven: You Must Be Born Again.

LeeRoy will be on site at Treesavers from noon to 4:00 PM. For more information you can email LeeRoy at or visit his website here.

Treesavers is a good alternative to the big booksellers for anything popular. As the picture mosaic shows, there are plenty of books with many of the major categories (Ficton, Non-Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Romance, etc.) that you would find in other book stores.

Kerry also deals in collectables. There were stacks of KISS dolls and posters amongst the stacks of books.

Audio books (books on tape or CD) are also available.

Each section of the books is generally alphabetized by author last name to make finding the book easier. Kerry tells the story of one couple who would bring him a set of index cards with author and titles. This was the listing of books that they had already read. Kerry would then keep an eye out for books not on their list, put them aside and when there were a few call them. They would come in to buy that set of books and update the listing on the index cards. Alas, the couple have both passed away now but this is the kind of place and service that Treesavers provides.

With money tight, the urge to read still prevalent, consider the low cost option to buying used books. Visit Treesavers and help support a Franklin business.

Treesavers Book Outlet is located at 391 West Central, in the same plaza as Edwins, AutoZone and Honey Dew.


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  3. I Send Kerry my list of books I want and what I like and he finds things I am going to like and contacts me. He is WONDERFUL