Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rain Barrel discount for Franklin through 5/6/09

Consider purchasing a rain barrel and help reduce storm water runoff while gaining water to use to water your plants. The rain barrels are on sale for Franklin residents through May 6th and can be picked up May 13th.

Additional info on rain barrels:

Residential irrigation can account for 40% of domestic water consumption in a given municipality. Rain barrels not only store water, they help decrease demand during the sweltering summer months.

Only ¼ inch of rainfall runoff from the average roof will completely fill the typical barrel. A good formula to remember: 1 inch of rain on a 1000 sq ft roof yields 623 gallons of water. Calculate the yield of your roof by multiplying the square footage of your roof by 623 and divide by 1000.

Collection of water from rooftop runoff can provide an ample supply of this free “soft water” containing no chlorine, lime or calcium. Because it tends to have fewer sediments and dissolved salts than municipal water, rain water is ideal for planter beds for a multitude of applications, including biodynamic and organic vegetable gardens, planter beds for botanicals, indoor tropicals like ferns and orchids, automobile washing and cleaning household windows. Saving water in this manner will reduce your demand of treated tap water and save money by lowering your monthly bill.

Rain water diversion also helps decrease the burden on water treatment

Info found on the NE Rain Barrel web site.

Franklin residents can order their rain barrels here. All others can select their community to order here.

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