Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Live reporting - New lunch process


c. Cafeteria – Point of Sale Implementation – Miriam Goodman

The school serve about 2400 lunches daily for an annual amount of about $1.6 million dollars.
Students would use their pin number. For the younger students, they would use an ID card.
In future to incorporate an online payment system to allow parents to update their students accounts.

The system is anticipated to move faster once the staff and students are comfortable with the new process.

The big win is the automated reporting that comes from this.

Armenio - This has been a long time coming. The anonymity of the low income students in the process will help.

Goodman - the parents can view the purchases of the student and review them with the student to ensure proper diet.

Cafasso - how are you communicating to parents about this?
Goodman - Central office update coming out. Word coming at each school, word through the cafes.

Cafasso - Consider getting the info out through to the PCC's

Kelly - How is the balance handled at the end of the year?
Goodman - The balance carries forward. The student maintains the same ID through their time at Franklin.

Trahan - Can the parent arrange something like EasyPass?
Goodman - It may have that capability, we can look at that down the road.

Slight - cash or check in the line, how is that handled?
Goodman - Just bring it in the line, it can be entered in by the cashier.

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