Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live reporting - FY 2010 budget continued

what does this do to the accreditation at the High School

I talked with them last Friday
reviewed the options to keep class sizes reasonable
if we institute study halls, what would the consequence be?
She didn't know the answer to those questions, she was going to research that and get back to us
I got a sense that given the duress and financial circumstances, it might be okay

be prepared when something leaves, it generally doesn't come back
When the Town budget is so heavily dependent upon the State generosity, it runs into these issues
I can't support going to half-day at this time
plan for the following year, you don't know what is going to happen
it is not a threat, it is a head's up for FY 2011

there is a lot going on, will need to communicate about the changes to all there next year as well as the incoming 8th graders

I have a letter ready to go to the parents, etc.
to go out via ConnectEd and via the website

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