Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live reporting - Joint Statement (full text)

(May 12, 2009) The Franklin School Committee and Franklin Education Association (FEA) are engaged in fruitful talks regarding a temporary wage concession for the FY10 school year. Representatives from both groups, who met last night, report making significant progress toward a resolution in the best interests of Franklin students.

"I was encouraged by the respectful and collaborative tone of the discussions and I'm hopeful that this will lead to a solution," said Jeffrey Roy, Chairman of the Franklin School Committee.

"Both sides agree that advancing student achievement will require reasonable class sizes, professional development opportunities and highly qualified staff."

Robert McLaughlin, the president of the Franklin Education Association said: "We thank the School Committee for their receptivity to our concerns. We reaffirm our commitment to providing a high quality education to the children of Franklin and look forward to a swift, common sense resolution toward that end.”

Members of the Franklin School Committee and the general membership of the FEA will need to discuss and vote on any proposal designed to help balance the FY10 budget. Both the School Committee and the FEA hope to have the talks concluded and action taken prior to the School Committee’s May 26 public hearing on the FY10 budget.

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