Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live reporting - FY 2010 budget Q and A

Left to Right: Miriam Goodman, Wayne Ogden, Maureen Sabolinski, Peter Light

50% of the stimulus can be used to retain teachers, 50% for facilities
applications not available yet
will need to be approved by the State

School Choice funds were always put aside
budgeted at about 250,000 revenue has been about 350,000
recommending use of the 150,000 to save positions for FY 2010

let's bring this down to a user level
what does this do to class sizes, what happens to the libraries when they aren't staffed?

some of that is already out there see the March presentations on this link

we are cobbling this together to do level service with a bunch of one time funds

schedule would need to be done, haven't really started with the students yet
do need to get the schedule resolved before the school year ends

need consensus to begin the planning, action would come next time to formally approve

this is really a two year problem, this offers consistency and stability

can't support going to half day kindergarten, telling folks in May that they need to find a place next year is not good

there is no late bus in this budget
Is the Freshman collaborative intact with this?

When teachers meet for the collaborative, this is done
Teachers did have a prep and a work session, prep is required
with the six periods, the work period is gone

what does that do to the actual schedule

with the 7 day schedule, one class dropped
we are looking to see how this would maintain the 6 classes within the six periods

Once you leave you can never return again
none of these changes are good
we want to move the system from good to great and none of this is good

we have looked at these items
some of the items are not workable

going to a half day at this late date but this is not something I can support
I don't know where we are going to get the money but I can't support it

I can't support half-day

if we went half day with a full day pay option, we could keep the grant

the add backs could go into the kindergarten area due to the changes being being proposed by the high school

the gap is a million and a half
we've talked about 50,000 per position
that is 30 positions

we will be able to add positions back with the wage concessions

if the stars align perfectly, being frugal, salary freezes, no other changes in unemployment
we could get to loosing 10 or fewer

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