Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live reproting - FHS MSBA Draft report

3. Discussion Only Items
  • Draft MSBA Report on FHS
This is in the hands of the School Building Committee

Cafasso - initial reaction, some interesting solutions proposed
notes that the building is well maintained, very functional
offers ideas for potential solutions to accessibility to the boys locker room, accessibility in general

Mullen - didn't talk about the big system issues, nor did it talk about the funding for the building

Sabolinski - ithis report moves us closer, the cafeteria suggestions were not really in line with our needs; for example, building new cooking space and use the existing space for dining areas

Armenio - listening to the architects when they walked into the garage and said this could be the boys locker room and only would need access to the field house but the accessabilty is otherwise resolved.

Mullen - this report took a smaller approach to fixing some of the problems

Cafasso - two costs to the project, one for the cost of the materials and whatever is done, the second cost is due to the disruption of the school year. Some of what they came back with could be done without an impact to the building operation

Ogden - the building has been so well maintained that we are not high in the listing, if we want to get State help, these are some things that could be done that would be less expensive and perhaps could be done with State help sooner

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