Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Live reporting - Action items

  1. Resolution 09-48: Authorization to Hold Bonfire Motion to Approve 8-0
  2. Resolution 09-49: Appropriation: Renovation of Horace Mann Museum Motion to Approve 7-1

Notes -

Item #2
Vallee - this was approved by the Council in 2001 as part of the 20/20 plan?
Nutting - yes, that is corrected

Alan Earls, Del Arnold representing the Historical Commission. The full membership of the Historical Commission are in attendance tonight.

It is time to consider a new role for the museum. Permanent displays, rotating displays, providing a fresh experience throughout the year, no-longer a case of "been there done that".

The opportunities are almost unlimited. Partner with local groups to displays, small concerts, etc.

Centrally located, now can be a good fit with the local business community. This will require additional volunteers and training but is can and should be done.

The renovations themselves are important to the artifacts. Working with the architect worked to obtain what we need not what we would like to have to minimize costs. Improve the lighting for the displays. Additional power outlets being added to provide flexibility on the main floor.

Storage on the lower floor will remain there. Items already moved from the Washington St location. Work is underway to complete the catalog effort.

Working with Downtown Partnership to be included in the Third Thursday events currently underway.

Mason - multiple questions to clarify the condition of the artifacts
Arnold - yes, we have lost items of clothing over a hundred years old that were not properly protected, some photos have deteriorated, we would like to get into the new space to be able to provide better protection as well as get into a process of making copies and displaying the copies keeping the originals in a protected space.

Zollo - Where are we compared to other localities?
Arnold - We have a pretty good collection, maybe not the top but amongst the top.

Total project cost $710,000 including all contingencies
Bartlett - to do this completely, this is a fair request with minimal costing
It would be better to set aside the Four Corners money for the High School
I could support the $210,000 already provided

McGann - What is the cost components from the contracts?
Nutting - biggest cost is the HVAC, electrical (about $300,000) and replacing the windows

Zollo - this is small compared to the High School project, this has a learning component, not materially large enough to compare to the High School

Pfeffer - We are the home to the first public library, we are the birthplace of Horace Mann the father of education, we have said we were going to do this, not doing it to pass an override next year is not good thinking

Mason - I am in support of this project

Whalen - they are talking about apples and oranges, the scale is vastly different in dollars, the opportunity cost is vast

Feely - none of this money can be used

Bartlett - no, all others yes; motion approved 7-1

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