Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Live reporting - action items (continued)

  1. Resolution 09-50: Increase of Local Excise Tax on Hotels and Other Public Lodgings Motion to approve : 7-1 (1 no from Vallee)
  2. Resolution 09-51: Acceptance of G.L. Chapter 64L, Section 2 Authorizing Local Option Meals Excise Motion to approve : 7-1 (1 no from Vallee)
  3. Resolution 09-52: Authorization for Intermunicipal Agreement for Library Services with Town of Medway Motion to approve : 8-0
  4. Resolution 09-53 : Transfer funds for Worker Compensation Motion to approve : 8-0

Notes for #1
Vallee - this is doing the wrong thing.

Whalen - what is this money used for?
Nutting - It can be used for anything by the Town Council, it has by precedent been used for open space and capital requirements

Mason - I'd have to disagree with Vallee, we have been looking at additional revenue for a long time, the time is now.
Nutting - Cities will move quicker on this due to the town meeting process, I expect this will sweep the state.

Bartlett - have any of the hotels or restaurants complained about this?
Nutting - no

Notes for #2
Vallee - I again will speak against this, we are doing the worng thing at this time for the economy

Notes for #4
The amount of money required is correct, this is just adjusting the accounts to allow for the processing.

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