Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Live reporting - Water Q&A

Vallee - why do you use chlorine?
Brutus - good long explanation, use to avoid potential 2 point per million, smallest amount to use, so it is constantly being run

Vallee - would you be better off replacing the asbestos pipes?
Brutus - the pipes are actually lined with asbestos, we have done that where we can.

Vallee - can you put in sidewalk when you do the road
Brutus - we don't have the funds for that, the driveway aprons kill us because of the hand work involved.

Bartlett - help me understand how this town or any town come to a reservoir or a tank?
Brutus - You need a place for a reservoir, we have a great water aquifer to pump from so the tanks make the most sense.

Bartlett - we have had some much rain this year, it is hard to explain why we still have a water restriction
Nutting - every year in perpetuity, we will have a restriction due to our permit not due to the water coming down as rain

Vallee - does the State limit us to how much we can pump?
Brutus - Yes, we are permitted to draw water, our water bans are later than most others.

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