Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Live reporting - meeting wrap-up

Zollo - can you explain what the contruction at Exit 16/King St is doing?
Nutting - this will be a $3.5 million project to widen the entrance to the industrial park, add lights to both exits, have double lanes under the bridges. You might want to take Exit 17 for some time.

Feely - provides a brief update on the school building committee in response to a request from Zollo. Bottom line, the Town could go for a debt exclusion as early as Dec 2010.

There is an agreement in principle on what the renovations would be, initial plans could be submitted in Aug 2009. Assuming these plans are accepted, then the plans would be worked to a finer detail with a project manager, etc. and re-submitted. Assuming this set of plans are accepted by the State then the Town would have 120 days to approve a debt exclusion.

My note - the operative word would be "renovations". There was no mention of a new building only renovations.

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