Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live reporting - Superintendents report

Sabolinski - It has been rather busy since the students have left. It feels like school hasn't really ended. There will be a whole new face to Franklin High School when it opens this September.

The summer programs are running, enrollment is off the chart.

The FHS Experience starts on Monday. Enrollment last year was 25 students, thus far it is about 75.

Pay-to-ride our enrollments are down slightly. We sent letters out three weeks late due to the potential of fee increases. Applications are still being accepted.

Fees - athletic, activity and pay-to-ride have not increased this year.

Cafasso - What would happen to extracurricular activities was hard to determine?
Sabolinski - We will have some, there is no late bus. We can do an update later on the offerings. There may be changes in offerings, we will work to offer as much as the students are willing to get engaged in.

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