Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live reporting - FHS update - part 2

Technology center

many folks are coming in to re-order the books in the library, keeping the Dewey Decimal numbering but with a new layout.

There are a total of eight learning pods coming into the Technology Center. It will be opened extended hours with ESPs on staggered hours. Trying to create an atmosphere where student should be able to come in anytime of the day and feel comfortable.

There will be a writing center with a certified writing teacher. They can work with the classroom teachers to work on specific projects.

200 laptops will be available for students to check out during the day. Students will be encouraged to bring in their own laptop or netbook into school to work on in the classroom or the Technology Center.

The school is fully wireless enabled now. For security reasons, a student can not print directly to the school systems. They can save a file up to their folder on the school system and print it from their.

Implementing Edline (?) a parent focused portal for viewing the student grades later. It will be opened up early to enable some of the forms that the parents are required to fill out. Hoping to open Edline around October 1 for student grades. There will be a professional day used for training the teachers before Edline gets opened to the parents.

Mullen - the writing teacher will not be handling a course load.
Light - correct

Sabolinski - the laptops were purchased from the Town capital budget and not from the school operating budget.

Roy - I am loving hearing about the writing center, the technology center, the use of these tools.

Light - one initiative I did not mention is Moodle. Any teacher that wants to do an online portion for one of their courses can use it. I think we have about 30 teachers involved with it now.

Sabolinski - The Moddle thing will roll out more in the later part of the year. Tim can only do so much with the technology initiatives underway.

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