Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live reporting - FHS update - part 1

Peter Light, Principal

A couple of staffing issues are still outstanding so not all the info can be provided tonight.

Carnegie unit = measure of instruction time, works up to the credit hour

Moving to 6 credit course, an increase of 25 instructional hours per course

Three options for meeting physical education credits
  1. in class at FHS
  2. in an interscholastic sport for FHS
  3. in a program of min 30 hours of dance, etc with an outside organization
Courses were re-entered into the system to provide new course numbers
Boston College provided advice that the scoring for GPA was disadvantageous for the FHS students, now moving to a 5 point scale that is more of a standard across the spectrum

Armenio - since January, I am amazed at the things that you have had to do. I understand the GPA for the first time now.

Light - It is the same process for calculating GPAs but now on a 5 point scale instead of the 17.5 point scale we did use.

Armenio - If I understand you, there are three ways to obtain credit for physical education.
Light - We are following almost exactly to the letter of the law the State guidelines.

Light - students determine the pathways that they would declare in the Fall (assigned to class, interscholastic sports, or outside). They select it early on and provide the certification at the end. If there are changes during, they are some restrictions but they would need to follow through.

Mullen - to clarify for the PE thing, it is 30 hours for the year, so they have to do only one season of a sport?
Light - yes, the interscholastic sports would put in far more than 30 hours as most would be doing a couple of hours a day. Only one sport season would be required.

Mullen - we've been talking about changes at the FHS for a long time. I don't think that when you made the first change, we all realized that the snowball effect was coming down the way it has.
Light - we have taken a huge hit with the PE changes, we'll see what that does with the MetroWest survey. We will be able to do so other things but it will be a change.

Trahan - You'll be telling the parents about the various options available to them
Light - I sent a draft to Maureen today a letter describing the changes. It is in the final stages of proofing. I have one or two staffing items to finalize so I am hoping to have it early next week.

Cafasso - Can you make sure we get copies of that?
Light - It was my intent. It is actualy addressed to the Franklin community not just the FHS parents.

Cafasso - Have you figured out all the re-jiggering with the schedule.
Light - I have a close version in the system running now. It was running as I left and it should be ready when I go in to school in the morning.

Cafasso - Are you going to take some time off?
Light - Yes, I am planning to. After this week and next, I plan on taking a couple fo weeks with the family.

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