Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live reporting - FHS update - Part 4

The Senior Class gift along with some money from the Athletic Dept is to bring some flat screens into the building to have a rolling show of the announcements for the day.

One request from the student always was to open the bathrooms during the day. We did try an experiment with some open, one monitored and one not monitored. The monitored one did get some graffiti, the other did not. We will continue to monitor this situation and try to use the passing time to allow for visits to the bathroom. Once in class, they should stay in class.

The lunch period lengthened. The passing time lengthened.

Mullen - Not a school culture question but I thought of it. Community Service is that still going to be part of the school?
Light - That is one answer I don't have fully yet as that is one of the staffing items that I have open and will be resolving soon. We do excel in this area with the number of hours of community service that our students perform.

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