Monday, May 24, 2010

HMEA: 5K, Walk and Family Fun day!

HMEA held their 9th Annual Independence 5K Run/Walk in the Park on the ground of EMC in Franklin on Sunday, May 23. 297 runners completed the 5K and hundreds of walkers came out for the event where the sun gradually brought thought the clouds.

Many volunteers came out early to set up for the family fun day. The mysterious Mr Cone Head Man even made an appearance:

Once the set up was complete the volunteers were busy distributing race day packages and t-shirts. The opening ceremonies were held on the main field then everyone moved out to the balloon arch for the start of the 5K and walk. Gene Lavanchy was master of ceremonies:

After the race and walk finished, the clouds looked like they were going to rain on the festivities. Franklin Fire Dept's Tower 1 unit was sent up to check out the situation.

Many kids were attracted to the fire truck as it reached great heights. They lined up to get a view from the tower platform when the unit returned to ground level.

The kids race on the field awarded lollipops to the finishers. Soon the full set of 5K Race age category winners were announced.

WalMart presented a donation. Derek Bergeron of the Plainville Redemption Center program was recognized as the winner of this year’s Kelly Mendall Spirit award.

All those who participated in Franklin on Sunday had a great day. Why?

"We believe in the power of dreams and not the limitations of disability."

If you have not made a contribution to HMEA yet, there is plenty of time.

If you'd like to contribute as part of my fund raising, follow this link:

Or go directly to the HMEA website here

Franklin, MA

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