Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Town Council - Recycling Committee Report

Reported on via the on-demand video from the Council meeting of 5/19/10

Original goals:
Increase curbside recycling
100% recycling in schools
Recycling on Town Common/Fields
Investigate automated trash system

Increase curbside recycling increase by 3.6% (goal was to increase 2%)
Recycling increase on common and fields but work remains to be done

Need to keep oversight on automated trash process to ensure recycling increases

Both trash and recycling have a fixed cost for the pickup
The more recycling we save on the cost to burn the trash (i.e. less trash).

1 - subcommittee to do an annual review of solid waste (due to contract dependence upon recycling rates)
2 - follow up on indoor facilities to ensure recycling on what should be recycled is being done at Town facilities (schools, etc.)
3 - continue to work on public spaces (Town Common and fields)
4 - Beaver St, to maximize breakdown of refrigerators into resalable items

Recycling charter committee expires on June 30, 2010

Franklin, MA

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