Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Live reporting - Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items
Second Reading – Policy JJFG Disposition of Student Activity Account
no additional input, on for an action item later in the agenda

Budget to Actual / Transfers
reclassification of amounts for health costs to the grants that the employee is associated with
on for an action item later this evening

MASC Regional Meeting 
Bill - met with school committees from other towns
basically a discussion/brain storming of common challenges
what can we do about it?
put together a resolution for one of the top points of pain; SPED funding model (purely financial on how they are funded)
recommendation to put together a resolution, to lobby to the state to have the SPED funding directly out of the State funding rather than at the Town's level

would allow the Towns to still provide the services without the fluctuation of funding locally
If the SchCom were to endorse this, MASC would lobby this on our behalf and for other districts on this issue

A great idea, it should go forward
motion to endorse the SPED resolution as drafted, passed 6-0

Proposed Reductions to full day Kindergarten Grant
Proposal in Senate budget to significantly reduce the kindergarten grant
We currently get approx $300,000 from the grant, how much it would be reduced is not known at this time
Good suggestions come right back, Sue to draft letter for committee to send as a group

Franklin, MA

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