Sunday, May 23, 2010

"effects of a failed override can be especially devastating"

Roche said he remembered a time when he spoke with a resident who did not bother to vote because he did not realize what was at stake.
"The man told me he didn't realize what kind of services were going to be taken away, how much fees would increase for buses, how many employees would be axed," Roche said. "He told me that if he had known he would have voted."
About $1.8 million of the override request will go toward the school if approved.
"If it doesn't pass we'll lose seven to eight teachers at the elementary school level," he said. "We'll lose three police dispatchers at the town level.
"The chief of police said that at various times he might only have one dispatcher to rely on."

Towns look to overrides to fix budget shortfalls

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Franklin, MA

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