Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Plan: Executive Summary


A Town’s housing stock is a primary element fundamental to defining a community; it is where the citizens that make-up the heart of each neighborhood reside. The quality and affordability of, as well as the accessibility to housing in a town are often factors that will determine where a person chooses to live. Analyzing historic housing data, current housing trends and projecting future housing needs is a way for a community to plan for the housing needs of its residents. By proactively planning through the development of an Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Action Plan, Franklin can assure that the housing needs of its residents are met for all income and ability levels of the community.

The collection and analysis of housing data and statistics revealed the need to improve housing affordability in Franklin, in particular for low, moderate, and middle-income households (both seniors and families). Analysis also revealed, Franklin is in need of a mix of housing types, such as senior and family rental and condominium units, and special needs housing (both physically and mentally challenged individuals). The information collected for this study shows Franklin is approaching its ‘build-out’ of residential sites, and there are several issues that need to be considered:

  • Growth in Franklin is slowing, allowing for a proactive approach to planning for Franklin’s future housing related needs and the residentially zoned areas still available for development; 
  • Growth of single-family homes has slowed; however, there has been steady growth of two-bedroom condominium developments including Over-55 Senior Villages as well as non-age restricted developments.There is also growth noted in larger developments of apartment rental units.
  • Housing is dependent on the types of services a community provides. A quality public school system or private school choices are important. Public transportation is an important factor to potential future residents. Food supplies, shopping facilities and recreation opportunities are also important. The best locations for low- and moderate-income households as well as for the elderly are dependent on where and how these services can be delivered.

The full Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Plan can be found on the Franklin, MA website

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