Friday, July 30, 2010


6. Amend the zoning by-laws to allow:
“Assisted living” and other elderly housing facilities in residential and certain commercial zones,
Greater densities for housing reserved for the elderly residents.

7. Maintain an inventory of existing housing facilities.
The Town will maintain an inventory of existing housing facilities that details the location of existing affordable housing facilities, 55+ senior developments and 40B housing developments within Franklin (Map 4: Existing Affordable Housing).

8. Identify areas where there is potential for development of affordable housing.

  • The focus area for potential housing development is centered around the Downtown area with a focus on providing multi-bedroom housing units.
  • Provide housing opportunities in the Downtown area where mixed-use and infill development opportunities are available. This area provides the most services and has a housing stock that is generally affordable and can more easily be converted to affordable housing.
  • Allow housing conversions in the Downtown area to allow multi-bedroom housing-units.
  • Consider a multi-family zoning around the central business district by-right rather than requiring a special permit.
  • School land that is owned by the Town of Franklin should be evaluated for residential uses. Housing at schools could be used for teachers and other municipal workers. Renting or leasing to these people may require specific eligibility conditions such as income limits and residency terms.
  • Retain, support, and expand existing affordable housing sites that are scattered throughout Franklin.


The Town of Franklin has postured itself as a key player and stakeholder in the creation of housing consistent with the above stated policy, goals and objectives. The Town reaffirms it commitment to ensure that a variety of housing opportunities exist to meet the diverse needs of its existing and future citizens. The Town looks forward to working with a broad coalition of public and private entities to achieve its affordable housing goals.

The full Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Plan can be found on the Franklin, MA website

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