Wednesday, July 28, 2010


2. Ensure that the Town continues to meet and exceed the Chapter 40B goal for subsidized housing.
The Town will explore innovative ways to increase the supply of affordable housing development through the Chapter 40B process to not only maintain the 10% threshold, but to also, exceed the state’s goal of 10% subsidized housing.

A. Methods to be utilized include:

  • Monitor and track all housing projects.
  • Explore a variety of housing opportunities to increase affordable housing units.
  • Update housing plan every 5 years.
  • Support lower cost housing that is affordable in perpetuity.
  • Explore methods for preventing the expiration of affordable units.

B. The Town will work through the Municipal Affordable Housing Trust to ensure the creation of a variety of housing options to reflect the needs of the community. The Trust will prioritize types of development, units, numbers of bedrooms, and locations.

The full Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Plan can be found on the Franklin, MA website

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