Thursday, July 29, 2010


4. Encourage development of multifamily housing.

The Town will encourage development of multi-family housing at appropriate locations in Franklin and encourage adaptive reuse of existing buildings for future residential use, particular downtown redevelopment areas. The Town will work towards the redevelopment of the Town’s older sites for a mixture of uses, including lower cost housing for families and the elderly. Methods include:

  • Providing financial incentives through the planning and permitting process;
  • Addressing development impacts;
  • Identifying downtown/mixed use development sites that would be appropriate for redevelopment;
  • Working with property owners to create mixed use developments through incentives such as density bonuses or tax incrementing financing.
  • Utilize Town owned tax-title properties for development of low, moderate, and middle-income housing units.

The full Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Plan can be found on the Franklin, MA website

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