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The housing strategy was designed to increase affordable housing opportunities with increases in production, retention of existing units, and programs and policies that support these goals. These recommendations were developed through an analysis of available housing data and statistics, current housing issues facing the community and from the applicable goals of the Housing Element of Franklin’s Community Development Plan and “Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Action Plan” (2004).

1. Establish a housing task force.
The most important step that the Town of Franklin can take to improve housing is to establish a group of committed local people to lead the housing program – a housing task force. The task force would help solve housing issues with locally administered input and programs and would examine housing supply and
policies. It would be responsible for the following actions:

  • Coordinate goals and efforts,
  • Seek funding opportunities,
  • Provide outreach for tenants,
  • Establish supply and demand for housing,
  • Identify target areas for housing development, and
  • Maximize utilization of resources.

The Town Council should appoint members. It should include a broad range of housing groups such as the Franklin Housing Authority, developers, and the Franklin Downtown Partnership.

In order to successfully implement actions, the task force will need to identify all stakeholders and coordinate goals and objectives as well as focus on implementation strategies. From a functional standpoint, the task force will need to have a budget, expenses, and seek housing funds and grants to support its operation and actions.

The full Affordable Housing Strategy and Development Plan can be found on the Franklin, MA website

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