Monday, August 16, 2010

Franklin, MA: Trash/Recycle Survey Results

As promised, the full set of results from the recent Trash and Recycle survey are contained within the links here. I have provided three reports to access the data.
  1. The full and complete set containing the Ref#, the Overall answer (Yes or No), and the comments for both questions. Note: if the comment field is blank, there was nothing submitted. Both comment sections were optional. The Yes/No question was mandatory.
  2. The set of answers for the question: "What DO you like about the process?"
  3. The set of answers for the question: "What DON'T you like about the process?"

You can access these files directly here:
  1. The full and complete set
  2. The DO answers
  3. The DON'T answers

You can also read them on the web via Scribd here:

And finally to make it easy to read, the document with the full results is here:

FM Trash/Recycle Survey Results Full 100816

In case you missed it, the quick summary was posted here:

Note: email subscribers will need to click through to view the document on Franklin Matters.


  1. Nice job Steve. Hope the Council & recycle comm take note. Wish we had access to disposing of excess trash and recycling for those times when we are cleaning out rooms, attics and garages without having to hire a private contractor for small jobs.

    Ken Norman

  2. Thanks, Ken. I did send a copy of these results to both the Recycle committee and to the Town Council. This looks to be a good start to fine tuning the process.