Friday, August 20, 2010

Downtown Improvement Project - collection

The collection of information on the Franklin, MA Downtown Improvement Project can be found here. Note the project has also been called or referred to as 'street-scape' or 'revitalization'.

The collection will be added to as the project and discussions continue.

Franklin, MA website links   ---------------------

The Franklin Planing and Community Development project page

July 2010 Drawings

June 2010 Design update

Proposed Pedestrian Improvements May 2010

Proposed Intersection Improvements May 2010

Franklin Matters website links ----------------------------

The May 12 presentation document

The May 12 meeting video recording

Underground Utility - survey

Survey results

Underground Utility - clarifications

Underground Utility - 'the rest of the story'

Improvement Project Presentation to Town Council and Downtown Partnership from Jan 2010

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