Monday, August 16, 2010

In the News - Latin options

Franklin schools look to modern Latin method

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Franklin, MA


  1. As a parent of a middle-schooler who loved Latin, I was very disappointed when I received the notice that Latin was being eliminated. I was angry that there had been no input from parents or students before the decision was made. I was more angry when I read the live reporting minutes from the June 8th and June 22nd meeting and saw that administrators admitted that of the 9 people who applied for the open Latin position, 3 were considered fully qualified. Yet parents were told Latin was being eliminated due to a lack of qualified candidates.
    I also heard that administrators held off interviews for the Latin openings until the budget was decided. Once the override failed, the decision to eliminate Latin was finalized. The schools had to input the mandated wellness program. Spanish teachers were already on staff. In my opinion, when two middle school Latin teachers resigned, it was easier to transfer the Spanish teachers to the middle school. It was the easiest solution, not the one in the best interest of the students. Unlike the administrators, I do believe cutting Latin hurts the students. (I read the comment in the Milford Daily News.)
    As for Rosetta Stone, maybe it will work as a supplement, but not as a substitute for taking middle school Latin. Does it present material that can be integrated into the ELA and Social Studies curriculum like Latin does? Does it discuss mythology and its' relation to English Literature? And if it's a costly program, how will it be funded?
    Also, it is something that cannot be implemented soon. What is going to be done this year for the students who have taken two years of Latin?

  2. As of the last School Committee meeting the Administration was still working on the details. It is not in my notes, although I also recall mention of a survey being done of the students when the come to school in Sep to determine how much interest there would be before proceeding.

    I would recommend reaching out to your school's principal, the School Committee members, and to the School Superintendent, Maureen Sabolinski to let them know and find out the latest.