Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Want to help with the Long Range Financial Planning?

The Long Range Financial Planning Committee is considering expansion of the Committee by two members. The Committee meets approximately 8-10 times per year and is tasked with looking at the 3-5 year financial picture of the Town. 

Anyone interested in being considered for the Committee may email a letter of interest to the Town Administrator at or fax a copy to 508-520-4903. 

Letters of interest will be  accepted until August 30th. 

This was posted to the Franklin website here:

The committee is currently composed of three Town Council, and two each from the School Committee, Finance Committee and general public. By adding two more citizens, this should help broaden the representation for the citizens.

Current members

Town Council: Scott Mason, Shannon Zollo, Steve Whalen
School Committee: Susan Rohrbach, Roberta Trahan
Finance Committee: Jim Roche (Vice-Chair), Rebecca Cameron
Citizens: Doug Hardesty (Chair), Deb Bartlett

Franklin, MA

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