Friday, February 25, 2011

Better searching for just the recipe you need!

Google has some wonderful news to help find recipes for special days, to use specific ingredients, or even for how long it will take to prepare! This brief video shows how:

Yes, the Franklin Food Pantry is pulling together a set of recipes for publication on the web as well as in a cook book that would be a possible fund raiser for the Food Pantry. Google's search enhancements will make the recipes you create and share easier to find!

If you have a recipe or two you want to share, please let me know or contact Michelle Clay who has graciously volunteered to head up this effort for the Food Pantry.

Franklin, MA

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  1. :D Thanks Steve!

    I made marinated, baked tofu last night for the first time, with delightful results. *And* my toddler loved it. Win win!