Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looking for the Class of 1961

If life for the Class of 1961 has been topsy-turvy since graduation, I would not be surprised. 1961 was a special year. As wikipedia points out MAD Magazine's March 1961 issue announced that
this was the first "upside-up" year—i.e., one in which the numerals that form the year look the same as when the numerals are rotated upside down—since 1881, and the last until 6009

If you know of anyone in the Class of 1961, please let them know they are welcome to join the Franklin High School Graduation of 2011 as honored guests.

June 3, 2011 will be Graduation Day.

There will be a reception at 3:00 PM at the high school. The Class of 1961 will then process into the graduation with the Class of 2011.

You can call 508-553-4814 for more information.

Franklin, MA

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