Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finding compassion

On the train of thought around the words we use and how we use them, this talk by Krista Trippett makes some compelling points about compassion.

Krista talks at point about this remarkable observation from Matthew Sanford:
"He says that he has yet to experience someone who became more aware of their body in all its frailty and all its grace without at the same time becoming more compassionate towards all of life."
Later in the talk she shares some insights from Albert Einstein including:
"... He foresaw that as we grow more modern and technologically advanced, we need the virtues our traditions carried forward in time more, not less."

Franklin's charter was updated recently to bring some of the language to a more appropriate usage for today. I do believe we need to remember the values and virtues that Einstein remind us to use more not less.

We are members of a commonwealth. We need to help each other, together we can do more than survive. Divided we won't stand a chance.

Franklin, MA

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