Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dona's Tailoring

Dona's Tailoring has moved to Dean St. You might still see the sign on Cottage St where they used to be. Why the landlord won't allow a sign redirecting folks to the new location is another topic for another day.

They are now located at 19 Dean Ave. Just behind Dean Bank. A block down from the Post Office.

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You can visit their place page on Google for additional info here

Updated: I realized late on Sunday that I left out the prime reason for creating this post. I had taken my dry cleaning to DryClean Pros and asked if they could repair a zipper for an athletic jacket I had. They couldn't but referred me to Dona's Tailoring. I remembered having seen it along Cottage St and found where it used to be easily enough. It was no longer there. Searching on the web gave me lots of links to their old address and finally one link had a comment that said they had moved.  The next Saturday, I managed to get there while it was open and leave the jacket for repair. Dona told me the story about the landlord refusing to allow the re-direction sign. A couple of weeks later (only due to my schedule) I returned to pick it up. I should also note that I did return to DryClean Pros to let them know of the address change. They appreciated the update.

Small businesses need to be aware of how they are found on the web. There are so many directory services it may seem to be a full time job to track them down and make the changes.

What is the alternative? Incorrect information will send your potential customers to the competition! Take one directory at a time, fix it, then get on to the next. Eventually, all the info will be correct and your customers will find you.

Franklin, MA


  1. I wonder why the landlord is being such an ass. :P

  2. Yes, I agree it is not good business. Must be a story there somewhere.